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Application Information

In the event Cedar Valley published application instructions conflict or contradict local building codes, please call the factory for clarification. If no local codes exist, refer to the 2003 I.C.C. residential building codes for guidelines. For a downloadable PDF version click the “Code and Technical Appendix” link under the Technical tab above.


See our Easy Stack application instructions for standard stack panel application details.

For Easy Stack Hurricane  instructions see Easy Stack Blind Nail Hurricane instructions for Stack panels.


Apply appropriate building paper under panels as per code requirements. Double wrap building corners a minimum 9-inches each side. With flush-mounting corners, install corner as you go. Use one nail per corner side, 1.25″ down from top. Install the separate corner units provided in the A,B,C,D pattern stamped on the back (2 of each per bundle). Caulk corner plywood edges well. Trim panel end and push against caulked corner edge. Nail panel as per instructions using the appropriate ring shank siding nail. With add-on corners, install all panels first, positioning so that panel ends are flush with building corner without overlap. Nail panel as per instructions using the appropriate ring shank siding nail. Apply corners using one nail per corner side, 1” above the exposure line of the panel being installed. See Page 2 of instructions for further info.


Plan panel layout from lowest building corner after determining corner type to be used. Panels should be applied to nail-able shear sheathing, over approved building paper in accordance with building codes. Panels must span at least two stud spacings and vertical end joints should be staggered to join on stud. For Easy Stack panels level the first course and stack subsequent rows. The dual horizontal scribed lines on Easy Stack panels are a “Nail Zone” for nail placement  NOTE: Panels do not meet shear requirements.


Nail a 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ wood strip into the inside corner and caulk liberally where the panels will butt against it. Trim panel ends square and force tightly against the strip, nailing according to instructions.