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Company History


Cedar Valley’s headquarters and Shingle Panel plant is located on a six-acre site in Hollister, California, 40 miles South of San Jose. It is a family-owned firm that began in 1980 with the purchase of a predecessor company. Cedar Valley introduced the patented design of the multi-course shingle siding panel in 1984, which was the basis of our time-tested design, which is used to this day.


In the following years, this concept was refined and expanded to include the widest range of Western Red Cedar shingle siding panel products available. Many of its products are exclusive. Distribution began in California, expanding to include dealers and sales representatives throughout the US.


Cedar Valley products are available through building supply dealers in all US markets, Japan and Europe. You can find our siding products on a complete range of both single-family and multi-family residences as well as commercial offices, shops, schools, churches, clubhouses, and other upscale buildings in every region of the country.


Our Products


Cedar Valley is an innovative, labor-saving, time-saving system of shingle siding panels that incorporates the highest quality western red cedar shingles pre-mounted to a strong plywood backer over a protective layer of fiberglass mat laminate. These “3 Layers of Protection” ensure that the owner has purchased a complete and superior siding system.


We cut our own Western Red Cedar shingles and sort them for #1 grade. Then we kiln dry the shingles to provide more stability. Trained workers use these shingles to build handcrafted panels by gluing and stapling them onto a plywood backer. The plywood is APA (American Plywood Association) graded and regularly audited, in plant, by an independent quality control inspection agency. Between the shingles and the plywood is an inorganic fiberglass mat as a 3rd layer of built-in protection.


We replicate everything normally done on the job in a factory-controlled environment so we can ensure the highest quality and eliminate defects BEFORE they are installed on your home. Add to that matching corners and accessories, and you are buying the “best of the best” shingle panels – “Nature’s Finest Siding”!