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See How We Stack Up Against the Competition



Brand X

Panel uses Individual #1 R&R WRC Shingles?

YES – Bandsaw cut individual shingles with a random resawn texture.

NO – cedar with fake keyways, glued to plywood backer

Waterproof moisture barrier between shingle and backer

YES – A fiberglass mat adds extra moisture & U.V. protection.


Design flexibility

YES – a fully integrated system with matching corners, radius, flares, custom deco panels & accessories


Can produce custom made panels & accessory pieces to match

YES – All parts will match the style, texture, thickness and cut of the panel ordered.


Standard Panel Warranty


Warranty not available on their website

Factory Finish Warranty for panel

25, 35 year warranties based on finish applied


Most Flexible installation system

Blind Nail installation & with our “Easy Stack” system means a faster install.

Each panel must be cut on table saw for adjustment

The largest selection of panel styles available.

Yes – Any combination of 2 buttlines, 3 textures, 3 thicknesses, 2 keyway spacing, 6 standard exposures and 16 decorator shapes! (That’s 3456 different styles available!!!)

No- Their website lists only 12 styles

Same original design

YES -We have had the same design for 35 years!

NO – currently on 4th generation of design changes

ICC-ES testing approval


Report posted on website as of 5/8/15 expired in 2013.

Furring strip required

None. No starter strip is needed . You can use standard window & door trim thicknesses.

YES – Installation calls for top & bottom of each wall

Panel construction allows cedar shingles to expand & contract.

Yes- Shingles attached to full plywood backer with staples & two glue beads. Three points of contact allow shingle movement without buckling or warping panel.

Shingles Fully bonded to backer.

Factory Finishing Available

Yes – Nationwide network of authorized prefinishers provide a “Rainbow of Colors”. 65-85 SF coverage per gallon

Yes – 200 SF coverage per gallon means less absorption and shorter life span.

End Joint Shiplap Overlay

YES – Cedar Valley has passed ASTM-E331 water penetration testing for end joints without caulking.

Unknown water penetration testing. Spacing required at all joints for panel expansion and contraction. Joints between panels are not sealed.

Hurricane wind uplift approval (ASTM E-330)

YES – over 10 One Course panels exceed ratings. 7-1/8″ panels installed as instructed allow for 85 pressure per square foot.

7″ panels blind nailed allow for 59 pressure per square foot. (ICC-ES Evaluation Report available on website as of 5/8/15 expired in 2013)

Bandsaw crosscut for traditional look. Cedar absorbs more stain than any other panel!

YES – 1.5 gallons per square

NO – Smooth center cut. 1/2 gallon per square

Meets newest California fire codes-California State Fire Marshal Listing

YES – Cal Fire BML listing # 8140-2023-0002


Ease to replace individual shingle

YES – Repair kits are available at no charge to replace damaged shingle.

Fully bonded shingles

Made from pre-consumer content.

YES – Cedar Valley uses downfall and shorts of other manufacturers. We can recycle this downfall back into premium shingles.


A renewable, recyclable resource with the beauty and warmth of real wood

YES – Cedar Valley uses 50% less cedar than traditional, while still providing a beautiful look.

LIMITED – Smooth cut “shingle” look.

 Panel System Education

YES – Our instructor led face-to-face training program give you full tech and installation knowledge.